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We had the first full rehearsal of HR 30 this past Saturday. It went very well. Right now the show is shaping up to be about 3 hours long. We're playing a great deal of new material and we're dusting off some stuff we haven't played since 1978.

Full Circle

Our claim to fame these days is that we're the slowest working band in America. That's actually where the "AD INFINITUM" part of HR 30 originated. It means "on and on" and it seems appropriate for us at this point in the game. We've also been toying around with a new CD for a couple years now. The working title when when we started the CD was Full Circle. We actually recorded 6 new tracks for it a few years ago but we were really unhappy with the results. So we scrapped that seesion, Mike built a studio, and the plan is to re-record the songs in Mike's studio sometime after the HR 30 show. (Notice how there are no set dates in that last statement.) Some of the new songs will be part of the show. At our current pace the CD may end up being called Social Security Blues. Who knows.

Contributed by Greg

What we're working on.

The new single is called Alive and Well. Chris says it sums up the theme of HR 30. What he won't say is that it is one of the best songs he's ever written. Alive and Well is a song he wrote about a trip to his brother's place in Mississippi. It was written as an acoustic song for Chris' solo work but he has graciously let us give it the HOTROX treatment. Alive and Well is a great song with powerful imagery in the lyrics. Simply stated our version is best described as HOTROX meets the Delta Blues. We think it's a high point in the show.